“I want to be your slave.”

Of course you do, but that’s not a question. Do not presume what you want matters. What is important in any potential dynamic is if *I* want you to be My slave. My current personal slaves have put in the time and effort to ensure they will be pleasing and supportive to Me and My desires. They have learned what is important to successfully serve Me day-to-day and make regular Sacrifices for Me. All while still paying for any sessions they may have with Me.

Compared to that… have you impressed Me enough to consider you?
If you think so you can Apply for Available Positions.
If you’re not sure My Slave School can help.

Why do I have to start online? I don’t want to jump through hoops.

Excuse you. Being willing to jump through any hoop I command should be your #1 priority. My time is incredibly valuable and there are many slaves, subs, toys, property, and pets who wish to be added to My loyal Collection of Suffer Puppets. Expecting you to complete an application process so I can tell if we are compatible and if you will potentially be useful to Me… is not a lot to ask. It is in your best interest to fill it out.

beta slave vs power slave vs alpha slave… what does it all mean?

For the beta/Alpha/Power slave a lot of that is self identification.
Generally, for my service, an Alpha slave is someone who is very successful but submissive. He should have no problem taking care of both the planning (booking hotels, air travel, restaurant reservations) and cost of a private 1:1 3-day session or adventure with me.
A Power Slave should also be successful but they may not have the financial means to pay for all those things. However, they should have enough success to be able to take off 3-days from work and attend to me at an event or conference. A power slave MUST be good at planning things, even if they don’t serve in person. They might be tasked with research and planning my next trip to a new city, or coordinating my daily schedule.
beta slaves are generally not that useful. at least at the start. They aren’t masculine and aren’t smart or fun to talk to. They aren’t successful in life enough to do anything extravagant for me, but they can still tribute and in their training I work to improve them as overall humans to make them more worthy and useful for me, which also improves their own lives and can lead to them becoming successful and earning a power slave status.

What are Good Slave Points?

Good Slave Points are how I track the overall behavior and ranking of all My slaves, subs, toys, property, pets, puppets, and potential applicants. The more Good Slave Points you can earn, the better. How many can you earn this month?

What are Suffer Puppets?

Sofia’s Suffer Puppets are My group of loyal OWNED slaves. These loyal slaves invest the time and energy to truly serve Me and have complete My consideration process. By doing so they have earned a coveted place in My world as My Property. Online or in person they have trained with Me for a minimum of one year and are dedicated only to Me and My happiness. If you are willing to be trained, you too may earn the right to be My Suffer Puppet.

What are you into?

I enjoy a wide variety of kinks. I LOVE Female Supremacy, service, obedience training, chastity, domestic servitude, verbal humiliation & degradation, foot worship, emotional Sadism, and so much more…

What are you NOT into?

My hard limits include sharing private communications, impatience, lying, disloyalty, brats, unpaid play, age play, diapers incest, CNC, any sexual activity, and being submissive. I am NOT a good match for ABDL, littles, etcetera, of any kind.

You were amazing, where can I leave a review?

You can leave a review on my NiteFlirt calls but even better if you email me a testimonial at WorshipSofia@Protonmail.com

What are you going to do to me?

What?! I can’t tell you and spoil the surprise! If you want to consult about a session or find out what it feels like when I put you in your place Call Me or Text Me to find out. 😈

I’m embarrassed or worried.” “It’s my first time.” “How does this all work?” “What about…?”

Hehe, it’s cute when you’re nervous. I do this in both My professional and personal life, trust Me everyone has at least one “weird thing” and yours is probably pretty common. I enjoy providing first experiences to respectful individuals and have an entire course dedicated to helping with this at MenAreChattel.com. Texting Me is also an easy way to start if you are shy.

When can I talk or chat with you?

I check My texts and emails once or twice a day Tue-Sat and I turn My phone lines on randomly, whenever I feel like it. If you would like to guarantee a call or text session you can preschedule a time for Tues-Sat 12p-8p PT.

Which clip stores, fan sites, and tribute methods do you use?

I prefer tributes through Kinkbomb or OnlyFans and I am most active in My Chasity Training & Be Owned Membership Sites. However, I have a wide variety of payment methods available through a number of trusted sites. You can find a full list of My Fan Clubs here. All of My Clip Stores are here. This is a list of All My Options & Sites. You can find Slave School at MenAreChattel.com. You can request Custom Clips here.

How much does it cost?

An acceptable Offering for interactions will depend on My interest, the activities proposed, duration, location, etc. You will need to fill out an application & book a session so I can provide an appropriate quote. My Clip Stores, Phone Lines, Tribute, & Text Options all have the price listed directly on the individual sites. All payments will be expected prior to sessions, products, or services being provided.

May I get you a Gift?

That would be delightful. You can find My Amazon Wishlist here.

In general I enjoy these fine things:

Gifts of Property & Real Estate

Non Expiring Travel Vouchers & Airline Miles

Blue Chip Dividend Stocks (List here)

Bitcoin & Ethereum

Diamonds & Fine Gems set in Platinum or Silver (I will not wear Gold)

White Truffles

Do you dominate women? What about trans, bi, couples, etc.?

Honey, I am dominate. What is inside your pants and how many people are in the room is not going to change that. While My belief in Female Supremacy is evident at MenAreChattel.com I am pandominant* and I enjoy individuals from all walks of life as long as they are respectful and of use to Me.

*Note: pansexuality does not come into play as I do not offer any sexual services as a Professional Mistress. This is about you serving Me to provide Me with ease, pleasure, and amusement. Not you having orgasms.

Will you go out with me?

Any and all excursions with Me will only happen after you have provided an appropriate Offering and scheduled a session. Additionally, you can expect to cover all costs and any expenses including travel and incidentals while we are out together. This will NOT be a “date” but an opportunity to interact with Me socially and deepen our connection and Dynamic.

I am a huge fan of new and luxury experiences. Planning a fun adventure for the two of us is definitely a way to earn yourself “Good Slave” points in My Ledger.

I shouldn’t have to pay…” “I’m sPecIAL.” “I will pay a different amount…”

No, you will pay whatever amount I require and respect whichever rules I outline.

Access to a gorgeous, intelligent, powerful, and intoxicating Mistress is a luxury. You have ZERO entitlement to Me or MY time. If you waste My time showing Me how cheap and disrespectful you are, you will be Blocked.

But Mistress! I love you! I worship you!

As a Mistress I do not belong to My slaves, subs, toys, property, pets, or puppets. They belong to ME. What you want and how you feel are not important: Only I am. If I have not consented to owning you, you are not My slave.

If you want to serve Me, you will suffer FOR ME in ways of My choosing that BENEFIT ME.

If you worship Me… If you love Me, you are already willingly and selflessly providing for Me with Sacrifices and serving Me by making My life easier in anyway that you can. I shouldn’t even have to ask.

Bothering Me in My DMs to beg for free pictures or services from My business is not worship and it is not love.

Will you Mentor me as a Dominant?

Thank you for your interest, I am not currently accepting Mentees at this time. Do note, I have spent years of My time and large sums of money to learn and perfect My craft. If you would like Me to share My knowledge with you, all My mentees are expected to be respectful and pay for My time just as anyone else would be.

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