You know you live to serve, suffer, and hope to be owned!

I am currently in search of slaves, subs, toys, property, & pets who want to apply to various online & in-person roles. It takes a lot to earn the right to serve Me in My Presence. The most pleasing slaves may even be invited to submit for Ownership.

As I enjoy both online and in-person submission you may enter into service with Me from anywhere. What I am concerned with is who you are as a person and your ability to serve Me well, not your location. I want slaves who make Me proud! Finding the right slaves, subs, toys, property, & pets is the most important thing for My dynamics. I will tease you, I will test you, I will break you, & I will only accept you after you have proven you are worthy of Me.

To show your interest start by proving yourself useful.

You Must:

-Have a burning desire to serve Me and grow in your submission through serving Me & My desires.

What you Can Expect:

  • The joy of knowing you finally have value through serving Me your powerful & amazing Mistress.

To Apply:

For any position you will need to have completed “Mistress Sofia Aglaea – Torturess’ Protocols” + pay the Application Fee.

Step It Up & Be Owned:

You know you need the ultimate level of CONTROL I will take Ownership of you if you can prove yourself worthy through the additional steps of the Consideration Process.

Not only will you be deepening your submission to Me you will also be learning how to be a better and more pleasing person in general.

You’ll suffer through learning lessons like “Mistress is ALL that Matters in your Life” & “Good Slaves get Rewarded and Bad Slaves get Nothing!”

Currently Available Positions:

  • Online Slaves
  • Man Servant aka Butler
  • best boy
  • Chauffeur
  • Personal Assistant
  • Beauty Slave
  • Foot Slave
  • Financial Slave
  • Service Pet
  • Tester & Feedback Slaves
  • Ad Design & Management
  • Masseuse
  • Web Designer
  • Personal Shopper/Item Sourcer
  • Marketing Services
  • Salesmen
  • Video/Audio Editing
  • Fighters
  • Customer Support Agents
  • Beast of Burden
  • Graphic Design & Editing
  • Accounting
  • Call Me to discuss if you have something else in mind that will benefit Me
  • Positions for Sufferdeepin Manor:

  • Beasts of Burden
  • Decorator
  • Laborers
  • Housekeeper
  • Gardener – Specializes in Roses
  • Farmer/Gardener – Specializes in food crops
  • Handy Slaves (including but not limited to plumbers, electricians, general handy men, etc.)
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