Give up control to a truly superior woman.

Goddess Sofia Locktight

Professional Dominatrix, Lifestyle Domme, & Sensual Artist

Dominating Ashburn & Worldwide since 2007

Welcome, Devoted Submissive: You are finally home!

Enter Goddess Sofia’s Universe

Imagine a world where worry and stress dissolve away under My control. Are you ready to embrace that tranquility & succumb to the deepest submission under My expert guidance?

Beautiful, powerful, and intelligent, Goddess Sofia is the Mistress and Owner of the most dedicated and successful submissives in the world.

Goddess Sofia Locktight:
The Epitome of Female Domination. The Irresistible Enchantress. The Elegant Domme. The Authoritarian Head Mistress. The Sovereign of Servitude.

Serve Goddess Sofia

You’ve been dreaming of this day, hoping and searching for the right woman to serve, the truly superior Goddess you are meant to please.

It’s not just a game.
It’s not just a fantasy.

This is your purpose. What you were made for:
Real submission.
Real service.
To a Real Goddess.

If you are fortunate enough to be selected to serve Goddess Sofia Locktight, you will be molded into the best submissive you can be. All your submissive dreams will come true as you enter a world you had only hoped to find. A world where Goddess Sofia’s influence improves everything.

There are no decisions to make, no power to hold, only Goddess Sofia’s rules and instructions to obey. Your trust in Goddess Sofia will allow you to experience the relief, peace, and joy you have longed for. As a part of Goddess Sofia’s Universe, you will experience submission and fulfillment beyond anything you thought possible.

Under Goddess Sofia’s powerful guidance and control, you will know your place, and from that place, you will begin to understand what being dominated really means. She provides a safe space where she will expand your thoughts and goals to help you submit and serve at the deepest levels. While holding you to the highest standards, she will use her vast superiority and experience to explore and grow your boundaries and inner workings.

As her devoted submissive, she deeply cares for your well-being and will ensure you reach your fullest potential.
If chosen to serve Goddess Sofia, she will grant you access to her secretive VIP community for the very best submissives. If you prove yourself worthy of being owned, you may even receive an invitation to be collared and serve in the Elite Suffer Puppet Squadron.

Are you ready for a better world, where you can leave your worries, fears, and stress behind? Come, serve, and meet your destiny with Goddess Sofia Locktight.

“My dream was to serve a superior Mistress. But I never dreamed it would feel THIS amazing. Goddess Sofia sees deep inside me, and I feel instant relief whenever she takes control. I have finally found the best Mistress I could serve. Thank you, Goddess Sofia, for allowing me to be useful to you.”

– Slave #1182

Goddess Sofia Locktight Also Trains At: &

Men Are Chattel is home to The Chastity Trials. As Head Mistress of, Goddess Sofia Locktight trains men from around the world to become the chaste and obedient submissives they were born to be.

Female Slavery is a haven for obedient Female Submissives looking to deepen their submission and improve themselves under the trustworthy Goddess Sofia Locktight.

“Goddess Sofia is the best Dominate I have ever served in my entire 25-year journey of submission.”

– Slave #312

You can find more from Goddess Sofia Locktight at these trusted sites:

Who is Goddess Sofia Locktight?

She is known the world over, in the most elite circles, as the Ruler of Men & Owner of Women. She works privately with committed submissives who are destined to serve the greatest Domme the world has ever known.

As a highly experienced Dominatrix, Executive Corporate Trainer, and Scientific Researcher, Goddess Sofia is an expert in Power Dynamics, Domination, Obedience Training, Submissive Mental Conditioning, Service Training, Chastity Training, Keyholding, and Ownership.

She founded & to bring her magical touch, expertise, and proprietary training methods to the most elite submissives worldwide.

Through her training and intoxicating control, she molds and shapes submissives into worthy servants, slaves, pets, toys, things, its, and property. For a small group of hand-selected submissives, she provides the ultimate experience in Female Dominance and, for a chosen few… lifetime Ownership. Through her Chastity Trials and programs, she works to influence thousands of submissives every day.

As the leading provider of Submissive Conditioning for Successful Men and Women, Goddess Sofia is a sought-after Speaker and media commentator on Stress Relief, Leadership, Power Dynamics, and Creating Impactful Behavioral Change… even in the Vanilla World.

“I’ve been a submissive for years, but I’ve always struggled to find the right kind of BDSM experiences that truly fulfilled me. I always wanted something more. That all changed when I took Goddess Sofia’s quiz. The quiz helped me understand that I’m a slave who craves total submission and ownership. With this knowledge, I could submit to Goddess Sofia, who finally gave me the experiences I craved. I highly recommend taking Goddess Sofia’s quiz if you’re struggling to find your true submissive nature. “

– Slave #712

“What Type of Submissive Are You?” The Quiz

If you’re reading this, you’re likely searching for something more fulfilling than everyday life’s mundane, vanilla relationships and experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned submissive or just beginning to explore your submissive side, Goddess Sofia is here to guide you on your journey to discovering your true submissive nature.

One of the ways Goddess Sofia helps submissives understand themselves better is through her “What Type of Submissive Are You?” quiz. This quiz is designed to help you explore your deepest desires and understand what kind of submissive you are. With her many years of experience, Mistress Sofia knows that everyone is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. That’s why she has designed this quiz to help you discover what type of submissive you are and what kind of BDSM experiences you are likely to enjoy.

Perhaps you’re a masochist who enjoys pain and suffering, or maybe you’re a slave who craves total submission and ownership. Or perhaps you’re a findom submissive, craving the thrill of financial domination. Whatever your desires may be, Goddess Sofia’s quiz will help you identify them and allow her to guide you on the right path towards fulfilling those desires.

Don’t hesitate any longer; take the quiz now, and start your journey towards your deepest, most fulfilling submission today.

“I’ve always been curious about BDSM, but I was too scared to explore my desires. That’s when I stumbled upon Goddess Sofia’s quiz. The quiz was a safe and non-judgmental way for me to explore my submissive side and understand my true desires. Thanks to the quiz, I was able to discover that I’m a submissive who enjoys exhibitionism. With Goddess Sofia’s guidance, I’ve been able to explore this side of myself and experience new levels of pleasure.”

– Slave #437

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Ready to find out?

“There is NO other Domme who has ever been able to see into me the way that Mistress Sofia Locktight does. Her perceptive nature is intoxicating, and it has allowed me to flourish as the domestic servant and bootlicker I was always meant to be. With Goddess Sofia in control, all of my dreams have come true—again, and again, and again!”

– Slave #478

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I can’t wait to train you. Will you be My new favorite Suffer Puppet?

“If you are a proud submissive who wants to serve the very best, Mistress Sofia is who you NEED. In the world of Female Supremacy, there is no one better. She has shown me what being dominated really is, and there are no limits to what I would do to make her happy.”

– Slave #7

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