My voice is kryptonite and I cannot wait to use it to bring you into submission.

I am a lifestyle and professional Mistress. If you want to serve Me, you will submit to My rules and work to fulfill My desires, however I see fit.

I have been Dominant since birth and involved in exclusively BDSM relationships for over 10+ years. In My “vanilla” life, I hold multiple degrees and am a Research Scientist working to effect behavioral change in people and organizations to elicit positive outcomes. Yes, I train people EVERYWHERE I go. While my general demeanor is playful and warm, I have an intensely wicked streak and delight in Sadism and training My slaves for service. I have an exceptionally lovely voice and My voice will soon be deep inside of you, controlling your every thought and action.

I am smart, gorgeous, accomplished and have it all. After many years perfecting My craft I have decided I want to create a safe FemDom oasis for Myself and My worthy slaves. Sufferdeepin Manor will be a haven where I and My most loyal Suffer Puppets can enjoy the pleasures of true Female Supremacy without the intrusions of the outside world.

As I enjoy both online and in-person submission you may enter into service with Me from anywhere. What I am concerned with is who you are as a person and your ability to serve Me well, not your location. I want slaves who make Me proud! Finding the right slaves, subs, property, & pets is the most important thing for My dynamics. I will tease you, I will test you, I will break you, & I will only accept you after you have proven you are worthy of Me.

My Suffer Puppets who serve Me well truly bring Me joy as W/we work toward the ultimate goals of peace, freedom, access, and power to ensure I continue to receive all that I deserve.

A Kink is something someone enjoys doing and a Fetish is something that must be involved for someone to experience sexual pleasure.

I’ll tell you a little secret: Mistress has a fetish. A chastity fetish. While most people get aroused proactively, some of us get aroused reactively. As an autosexual sadist with a chastity fetish, I am most turned on directly by the perfection that is Myself, and reactively through causing suffering by locking your dick in a cage.

I am also obsessed with power exchange and controlling you AND your orgasms. There is nothing else that turns Me on in the same way as knowing your release is now under My CONTROL.

I also LOVE sacrifice. Especially Money. Money is energy. Money is power. Money is freedom. Money is the ultimate sacrifice and nothing excites Me like receiving it!

While you have no hope of attracting My interest through your appearance, you can get My attention by proving your devotion to Me through perfect suffering & financial sacrifice. Even the poorest slave with the meagerest offering can bring Me joy if they are truly, and rightly, sacrificing their comfort for Mine.

• Chastity • Keyholding • Service • Slave Training • Degradation • Humiliation • Female Led Relationships • Female Supremacy • M/s Relationships • Worship • FemDom • Emotional Sadism • & more…

My Vanilla interests include: philosophy, fitness, mental discipline & control, research science, reading, Real Estate Investing, AI, Cryptocurrency, Footy& Rugby and Combat Sports such as UFC & Boxing. Mistress LOVES a good primal fight-club circle as well.

Devoted slaves who truly adore & serve Me well will be rewarded. Serve Me Now!

Talk soon,
Goddess Sofia👄🙇🏻

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