Financial Servitude

As a powerful & desirable Mistress I am used to getting my way and getting spoiled.

I am now accepting committed slaves, subs, toys, property, & pets to suffer for Me in financial servitude.

Shopping Sprees:

Send Me a per trip budget or your credit card details 😈

Gift Cards:

You can send Amazon, Whole Food, & Doordash Gift Cards to

Wish Lists:

You can use My Amazon and Throne Wishlists to send Me gifts I desire.

Adopt a Bill

You Must:

-Have a burning desire to serve Me by always paying this bill so I don’t have to even think about remembering it.

What you Can Expect:

  • The joy of knowing you finally have value through serving Me your powerful & amazing Mistress.
  • For each year of on-time payments you will earn a Gold Star added to your “Suffer Puppet” ranking.
  • Confirmation, with each bill covered, that My comfort is all that matters to you and you are so very lucky to be a small part of My daily life. In return you will receive a personal message from Me reminding you why you are soooo happy to serve Me. Foot shots may be substituted where earned.πŸ’‹

To Apply:

To sign up for a specific bill buy the correct contract & pay the cost of the 1st month’s bill + a fee for the initial contract set up.

We will then discuss the specifics of payment method & due dates. Once agreed you will sign the “Bill Take Over” contract and begin your regular payments.


Late payments on Bill take over is unacceptable and will result in blockage and your “Good Slave” points being ZEROED. There will be a minimum of a $200 reinstatement fee. You should apply if this is a fetish of yours and you will only be satisfied by paying bills for a superior female.

Step It Up & Be Owned:

You know you need the ultimate level of CONTROL I will take Ownership of your financials account, set up a debt contract for you and be aware of where every last penny you have goes!

You will be expected to provide Me with a full break down of all your financial holdings, financial accounts, salary, side incomes, and assets, monthly expenses & budget (oh, you BETTER have one). Each month you will submit a monthly report to Me for My review and judgement. If you did poorly you will be FINED.

Not only will you be deepening your submission to Me you will also be developing better Financial Habits, learning to earn more through any means possible, & pleasing Mistress with your increased income over time.

You’ll suffer through learning lessons like “Walking instead of calling Uber” & “No drinks for you, that money is for Mistress’ fun not yours!”

Sign Contract Now

To sign up for a specific bill you will pay the cost of the 1st month’s bill + a fee for the initial contract set up.

Available Bills:

$50 Car Insurance Slave

$100 Internet Slave

$120 Cellphone Slave

$200 Restaurant & Doordash Slave

$300 Beauty Slave

$350 Weed Slave

$400 Whole Foods & Grocery Slave

$500 Shoe Slave

$550 Studio/Office Payment Slave

$3500 House Payment Slave

$500 Sufferdeepin Manor Down Payment Fund

Gift Cards! I always need MORE:

Throne Wishlist
Amazon Gift Cards
Del Giudice Roma Fine Italian Leather

Please send them to

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