Private City – Goddess Sofia’s Vision

Come to Sufferdeepin Manor & learn to obey Mistress in all things.

After years perfecting My craft, Mistress desires to build a private FemDom oasis. Once land has been secured I will require an even larger army of Suffer Puppets & Service Staff to help Me create a safe haven for Myself and all My most worthy slaves. W/we will be free to enjoy the pleasures of true Female Supremacy without the intrusions of the outside world.

My Suffer Puppets who serve Me well truly bring Me joy as W/we work toward the ultimate goals of peace, freedom, access, and power to ensure I continue to receive all that I deserve.

Good slave points are NEVER guaranteed. They are a reward to cherish from Mistress and are provided as I see fit. However, as this is My Dearest Desire any and all Sacrifices & Tributes made towards Sufferdeepin Manor’s Down Payment Fund will earn 1 Good Slave point for each $100 sent.

Slaves who have completed My Protocol Training and taken the opportunity to build a rapport with Me may earn an invitation to provide In-Person Service to Mistress at Sufferdeepin Manor.

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