aka Butler – Head of Household Affairs & Management

Self-sacrificing, detail-oriented, & organized. This position will require you to earn a PhD in My happiness. You will have the desire and ability to anticipate all of My needs as they relate to your appointed duties.

Day-to-day you will be tasked with ensuring My household runs smoothly. From managing all of My other household slaves, to ensuring W/we have the *right* kind of lingerie soap on hand, to party planning, to fixing leaky pipes, and always always always looking after the comfort and needs of My person. You must be a true and competent service slave who lives to bring Me joy through your impeccable service.

If you are the slave for this position you will be serving and fulfilling My needs out of pure devotion to Me. You see the opportunity to serve Me as its own reward. This is very much a caretaker role and it is your honor to handle it with the utmost respect at all times.

If you are level headed and self confident you maybe the right slave for this position. You will be tasked with discussing important matters regarding My affairs and you MUST be strong enough to speak respectfully & freely if there is something I am missing or need to reevaluate.

Previous Buttle experience preferred but not required.

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