As My daily companion & confidant you must be a Good Listener. Additionally, this position will require you to earn a PhD in My happiness. As a good fit you will have the desire and ability to anticipate all of My needs as they relate to your appointed duties.

As the right slave for this position you will have already invested in forming a connection with Me. You will also genuinely share a number of My personal vanilla interests such as philosophy, fitness, sciences, reading, fantasy genre shows/movies, spirituality, and of course much more. I don’t expect someone to be aligned on ALL My interests, but as W/we will be together often you should generally enjoy what I enjoy.

In addition to being an attentive service slave & good listener you are also:
– a service top
– enjoy foot worship
– human furniture
– physically able to lift at least 200# reliably
– warm personality
– eager to please
– tidy & hygienic
– organized
– presentable
– masculine
– protective (NOT possessive)

Bonus points if you are:
– a certified masseuse
– a certified esthetician
– a fitness enthusiast
– free of any hard limits regarding what goes in your mouth
– a good cook

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