My time is incredibly valuable and there are many slaves, subs, toys, property, and pets who wish to be added to My loyal Collection of Suffer Puppets. I enjoy playing with and getting to know new slave and s-types by text and phone. I am an experienced Lifestyle Mistress and if you wish to be Owned you will need to earn the opportunity by completing My Training & Consideration process.

Online Service

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Slave School Learn to Serve

Slave School begins online. Slaves who excel in their training may earn an invitation to provide in-person service, to be owned, or to be owned online.

  • Course 101: Beginners Training 101 – RECOMMENDED
    Are you new? Do you have questions? Are you nervous? Excited but not sure what to do? Join Slave School now to to learn everything you need to get started! You will learn step-by-step how to find and respectfully approach a Mistress, How to prepare for a session, How to behave in the presence of a Mistress, & much more! It is highly recommended that novices complete this course prior to enrolling in Course 102: Mistress Sofia Aglaea – Torturess’ Protocols.

  • Course 102: Mistress Sofia Aglaea – Torturess’ Protocols – REQUIRED
    Can’t wait to serve Me? Start showing your devotion by studying how to please Mistress Sofia with My exact rules & specific protocols for your service. These protocols apply to both online & in-person service and must be learned by any potential slaves. ALL potential slaves, subs, toys, property, & pets are expected to take this course prior to applying.

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In Person Service

Slaves who have completed My Protocol Training and taken the opportunity to build a rapport with Me may earn an invitation to provide In-Person Service to Mistress.

Sufferdeepin Manor – Mistress’s Dream:
Mistress is currently saving to secure land to build a private FemDom oasis. Once the land has been secured I will require an even larger army of Suffer Puppets & Service Staff to help me create a safe haven for Myself and all My worthy slaves.

  • Good slave points are NEVER guaranteed. They are a reward to cherish from Mistress and are provided as I see fit. However, as this is My dearest desire any and all Sacrifices & Tributes made towards Sufferdeepin Manor’s Down Payment Fund will earn 1 Good Slave point for each $100 sent.
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    Mistress SofiaπŸ‘„πŸ™‡πŸ»

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